Week 1 Activity: Get to Know Your Microbe!

Greetings, Adopt A Microbe participants! 

This week’s activity will help you get to know your adopted microbe a little better.  You’ll learn more about where your microbe comes from and what it likes to do.

Step 1: Visit the website linked below for your adopted microbe.  This website will provide you with a lot more details about your microbe.  It will also provide suggestions for other things you could look up and read if you want more information.

Step 2: After you’ve read that information, you might have some questions about your microbe.  Please use the form below or this site to send 1-2 questions about your microbe that you would like to have answered. Silly and serious questions are both welcome!

If you can, please send in your questions by Thursday, Oct. 14th and then we’ll post answers throughout the week on the site and here.