Week 2 Activity: Make Your Microbe!

Greetings microbe adopters!  This week’s activity is a fun hand-on arts & crafts project that will help you to get more acquainted with your virtual adopted microbe ‘pet’.  We are going to make pipe cleaner models of microbes!

What you will need:
  • balloons – round or long &skinny
  • markers
  • tape or glue
  • accessories: maybe string or pipe cleaners or glitter or foil or whatever else you might want to use
Step 1: have a look at the picture on the website for your microbe (or you can also do an internet search for more pictures, if you want).  Then blow up your balloon(s) into the shape of your microbe
Step 2: accessorize your microbe!  Does your microbe have flagella to help it swim?  What could you add to your microbe to indicate flagella?  Does your microbe make nanowires?  What could you add to make nanowires?  What about texture?  If you want your microbe to eyes and mouth, that is OK, too.  If you want to get really fancy, you could also make a habitat for your microbe, like using foil or paper to make a hydrothermal vent.  Be creative!
Step 3: take a picture of your microbe and email a copy to thejoidesresolution@gmail.com by Thursday, Oct 28th.  On Friday, we’ll post some of the pictures on the website.