Week 3 Activity: Microbe Poetry!

Howdy microbe adopters!  

Thanks again for sending us pictures of your adopted microbes! 

This week’s activity is inspired, in part, by the multi-cultural experience of sailing on the JOIDES Resolution.  The scientists and crew for the ship come from many different nations and cultures.  Part of the excitement on these cruises is getting to know new people and learning about their lives. 
In honor of them, this week’s activity is to write a limerick about your microbe!  What is a limerick? 
Step 1: Write limerick about your microbe.  It could be about any topic related to your microbe – for example, what your microbe eats, where it lives, what it looks like, etc.  Silly or serious would be fine!

Step 2: Email a copy of your limerick to thejoidesresolution@gmail.com by Friday
  On Friday, we’ll post your limerick on the website for others to enjoy.

To help you get those creative juices flowing, here are some example limerick  written about life aboard the JR during this expedition, written by some of the scientists and crew.