Monday, November 8, 2010

Microbe Poetry is in the house!

We have many budding poets among our Adopters - see some of our Week 4 submissions:

From Karen Miller, for #11  S. loihica   (Marine Bio teacher, South Rowan HS, China Grove, NC, USA)

Happily eating iron and manganese near the vent
Shewanella loihicas near Hawaii seemed so content.
When food became tight,
They got into a fight,
So a move towards the Arctic some underwent.

From Elizabeth Biles & Dylan Bean for #6 M aquaeolei (Marine Bio students, SRHS, China Grove, NC, USA)

As a Marinobacter, I'm a microbe who's versatile,
Living in deep water, but oil wells once in a while.
Iron is what I eat,
Although it isn't meat,
Slimy film and rust I excrete to the nearby pile.

From Brandi Smith & Kyler Sutherland, for #12: Thiomargarita namibiensis (Marine Bio students, SRHS, China Grove, NC, USA)
There has never been one so big
It’s not quite the size of a fig
It’s big and round
And easily found
If I found one, its name would be Thig.

From the NASSA group, in honor of photobacterium profundum:
A microbe we nicknamed photofun
Living deep in the earth without sun
In hi pressure it plays
Eating carbon all day
The J.R. will research it a ton

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