Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 5 and 6 activities

Hi Microbe-Adopters!

We've received some great core discoveries from our esteemed NASSA group in New York.

Here's a photo of their core:

Lillith Bulawa said this about it: This excavation is really interesting because Lake Delta is a submerged village from a hundred and fifty years ago.  The more I look at this core the more fascinating it gets.  Toward the bottom it gets denser and I believe I am seeing parts of an old vase.  Towards the top it is grainier looking.  I believe this is because over the years many rocks were dumped into the lake as the new town was built next to it.  At the very top there is fine sediment I think are probably fish droppings mixed with algae that came as the lake became a more popular fishing ground.  Those are my observations.

Then they cultured it and this is what they got:

Their comments: The one on the left is from the top of the core tube and the one on the right is from the bottom of the core.  I think the one on the left has more and different microbes growing because it is harder for the microbes to grow as the core gets deeper.

Good work guys and gals!

What else have you adopters discovered? 

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